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Secure Data Destruction - Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

With Secure I.T. Disposals, you can rest assured that the security of your data is our primary concern.  Whether it be hard drive destruction, hard drive disposal, hard drive shredding, Secure Data Erasure or complete Hard Drive Sanitization every single piece of data that comes into our warehouse is destroyed completely and beyond recovery!

Hard Drive Data Erasure/Wiping

We guarantee that your Hard drive data is always *destroyed.  We undertake this by using UK/MoD CESG standards equipment and procedures, and then shredding if not for re-use/return.

HMG IS5 covers both baseline and Enhanced overwriting of data. At 'baseline' level the software overwrites every sector of the Hard disk with one pass of randomly generated data. At 'enhanced' level every sector is over-written three times: first with a 1, then every sector is over-written again with a 0, and then every sector is over-written a third time with randomly generated 1s and 0s.

*If a hard disk is faulty and cannot be erased then it is physically destroyed by using an industrial shredder. All scrap drives are then sent to an aluminium smelter.

Hard Drive Degaussing

Erasure via degaussing may be accomplished in two ways: in AC erasure, the medium is degaussed by applying an alternating field that is reduced in amplitude over time from an initial high value (i.e., AC powered); in DC erasure, the medium is saturated by applying a unidirectional field (i.e., DC powered or by employing a permanent magnet).

Hard Drive Shredding

Using a state-of-the-art process we can turn your data storage devices into shredded scrap metal. Disintegrated drive particle sizes are reduced to minute particles and mixed with countless particles of other drives making it physically impossible for any meaningful data to be recovered.

All plastic materials & non-data containing PCB's (circuit boards) are removed, in order to ensure the equipment is recycled inline with the WEEE Directive.

We are MoD Approved to handle and destroy Protectively Marked media up to the highest security level.

for more information on Protectively Marked Data - Secure Sanitisation Levels (SSL) and their Impact Levels (IL) click here.

If you require our On-site data Destruction Service click here.

Electronic/Magnetic media we can destroy:

  • Hard Drives - 8", 5", 3", 2" - Flash Drives
  • Data Tapes - DAT, DLT, CCTV, Audio, Video
  • Optical Discs - CD's, DVD's - Ram Disc's
  • USB Flash Media, Mobile Phones, Network Storage Devices.

How we destroy Data:

Hard Drives, Flash Drives Erasure, using MoD approved software - the drive can then be reused/returned or Degaussing/shredding
Data, CCTV, and Video tapes. degaussed, fit for re-use/return or shredding.
USB Memory Sticks,  Flash Media Cards shredding. we can shred to 2mm.
Optical Disc's - CDs, DVDs,  Ram Discs shredding. we can shred to 2mm.
 Note: All shredded fragments are then sent to an aluminium smelter.

If you would like further information on Hard Drive Destruction  please call us on 0870 727 1578, or click here to email or make a request here

Click here to visit our Photo Gallery - contains various images of hard drive, DLT, SDLT, QIC, Dat, CCTV and Video tapes - Reel to Reel, Floppy, Paper and Optical Disc's after destruction

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